process pgn!click to generate a pdf and tex file


Copy a chess game in pgn format into the box and click on the button to create a pdf file.

In order to change options like font size or paper, click the settings icon in the icon bar.

Syntax and notes

You can use \sp, \sn, \sb, \sr, \sq and \sk in pgn comments to print piece symbols for pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen and king.

One can also add Diagrams in ChessBase (i.e. {Diagram #}) or ChessAssistant format, even in side lines. There is sometimes a positioning problem in ChessAssistant format, since the script expects the diagram marker after the move the diagram should be displayed at. For adding a diagram, you can as well add DiaW# (without any space behind or in front) to (usually the beginning or end of) a comment.

For positions (not games) provide Event and White in the pgn header only (for instance: Event "rook endings" and White "Lucena position").

Click the demo button to see an example pgn demonstrating the capabilities of the software.